4171060B00 Shock Absorber Mounting

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In suspension designs, strut mounts connect the vehicle's suspension system to the vehicle body, and are located between the strut and the chassis at the upper strut attachment point.
For the front fitting applications, the mount includes a bearing that serves as a steering pivot.
Because these are load-bearing, worn strut mounts can affect a vehicle's handling and safety

  • name 901987 4171060B00 shock absorber mounting
  • Application model CHEVROLET 1989- 2001 GEO 1989- 1997 PONTIAC 1989- 2000 SUZUKI 1989- 2001
  • Materials rubber and metal
  • MOQ no requirement, as we have many items in stock, so we don't require the MOQ
  • MAIN MARKET Eastern Europe , North America ,Mid East/Africa ,Central/South America Asia ,Western Europe, Australasia
  • OEM 4171060B00